Dawna Mae Wilson

writer: erotica, paranormal romance, urban fantasy

What I did in February

I took three classes: Age of Sails, ManTalk, and Writing an Erotic Paranormal Romance. Fantastic classes, lots of information. The Erotic Romance class in particular has helped me with a piece I’m editing and as given me a number of ideas. I also knitted a shawl for the Maggie Lawson workshop the end of March. […]

Alan Watts

Alan Watts on doing what you love We hear this all the time: “What would you do if money were no object?” Either that, or the Campbell version of “Follow your bliss.” Admittedly, I think there is something to Mike Rowe’s commentary that doing what you love is bad advice. It’s somewhere in the middle. […]

Lessons from the Babylonian

Here’s a story on a cuneiform clay tablet story of the ark, a story that predates the biblical one. (Think on that. Nothing is new, is it?) Here’s the story itself. But what caught my attention was this quote: He believes the data on its exact dimensions, the two kinds of bitumen, and the precise […]

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