Dawna Mae Wilson

writer: erotica, paranormal romance, urban fantasy


I’m taking an online class on faeries and dragons. I went into this thinking I didn’t have much use for faeries. Dragons, all the way.

The first part of the class is all about faeries, and I am changing my mind. I’m getting ideas on what to do with these entities, and I think the dragons I write about are probably more akin to faeries. Um…. My dragons have evolved over 40 years of being in my head into beings that share only visual similarities with traditional dragons, anyway.

I’m still trying to decide what to do with this information. Given that I write fan fic in borrowed magical worlds, I feel I have to keep a tight rein on my original fiction. Still, one can play, right?

What’s truly ironic is that my dragon stories end up being very light and tender, as opposed to my non-dragon stories (where all the heavy kink comes in). I think somewhere in my head there’s a balance that figures dragons have no need to engage in power exchange, being so much more powerful than the humans whose world they intrude on. Go figure.

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