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writer: erotica, paranormal romance, urban fantasy

Characters and scenes

One of my ongoing challenges is getting solid visuals of characters in my head.

I didn’t really understand this shortcoming until my recent infatuation with fan fiction. It’s given me the opportunity to have images everywhere, and I realized how useful this was. Since my sf/f usually ends up with non-human beings, images can be a bit harder to locate. For these, I make my own drawings — not sure why I didn’t think to collect pictures.

Scenes have always been easier for me to keep in my head, but as I’ve turned to using more deep POV, I’ve begun to think of images of location much as an actor would think of well-designed sets. It makes it easier to practice craft.

Scrivener, which I write in, makes it fantastically easy to make character and scene bibles. I’ve done that with my fan fic (now around 400K words, thanks so much), and it’s helped me immeasurably. But just this week, I realized I could leverage another tool–Pinterest. Yes, I’m slow to the bandwagon. No troubles. I’m there now.

I have some story ideas peculating based on the pins I’ve made already. Cool. I’m excited at the possibilities of these new-to-me technologies.

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